Why not Windows?

Windows and Office work well, then: how can this be so bad?


A legal copy of Windows is expensive, but what do you get? Windows and Office are licensed, not sold.

By using these products, we have to agree to a number of harsh restrictions. For most Windows licenses, you can't keep the software when you change the hardware. You sometimes can't even give your software away. Who can run the software? On which computer? What can you do with it? The list of restrictions is long and some items are outrageous.

Can't we choose?

Software should come without mechanisms to tie users to a company's products.

Why are Office documents difficult to export? Why are the formats continually changing? Why can you not even uninstall some programs? It might be that if you look for choice, Microsoft products aren't for you.

Without source code

The source code (the details of how a program works) of Windows and Office are hidden, and also nobody has legal permission to find out how this work.

If you don't have the right to inspect the source code (the description of how a program works), you can't ask a developer to modify the software or evaluate how the software protects your privacy.

And guess what? On software that comes with source code, viruses and spyware aren't effective, and security isn't bought on extra. The antivirus software industry, in which Microsoft is now a significant player, prefers you to use Windows.

For a Free Society

A free society requires Free Software. Think of "Free" as freedom, not price: the freedom to inspect, learn, and modify the software you use.

Computers are used to share ideas, culture, and information. Without these liberties over software, we are at risk of losing control over what we share.

This is happening today. From plain annoying technologies such as Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to downright frightening ones like Trusted Computing, everyone's ability to participate in culture is threatened.

If you have to give up your freedoms to use software, maybe you should not be happy with it.

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