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Terms of use

We are not responsible for possible problems arising from the use of our website. We accept criticism and corrections to improve the page and correct possible errors we may have made.

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As far as possible, we try to make the website accessible to as many people as possible: disabled people, those who navigate without JavaScript, people who use text browsers, low bandwidth, etc.

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Privacy Policy

CL is hosted at TuxFamily. This web hosting provider uses a Nginx server that stores access data files: IP address, browser used, date of visit, etc. This information is not personal, but could be related to the visiting person. The website can be accessed using a proxy such as Tor or a VPN for greater privacy.


Anonymous comments can be made on the articles, with false names or with real data. In the event that someone wishes to delete or rectify a comment, you must contact us showing that you wrote that comment, in which case we will indicate that the comment has been deleted or modified in the way that we deem appropriate, always trying to be as transparent as possible with the rest of participants in the conversation and avoiding losing the context of other comments.

How to show off an avatar in the comments?

CL has implemented libavatar to show the avatar in the comments, so if you want to show off an avatar you must upload it to, this way the avatar can be changed from the user's account at

How to mention a user?

Due to the absence of JavaScript in the comment system. Mentioning a user can be somewhat difficult, however we only have to put a link at the beginning of the comment, here is an example:

Reply message.


  • #comment-snowden-20121118-20:14:50 is id the user's comment to respond.