GoodBye OpenMailBox

OpenMailBox, has been operating since 2012, but as of the date of this article in 2017, it has changed the policies of its services, which has caused discontent in the majority of its users, and the notorious migration to other services.

Communication with its users has not been the strong point of this service. At beginning there was an official forum that eventually disappeared without further explanation.

The only official way to communicate with OpenMailBox was through its Twitter account (a non-free and centralized social network), and they don't seem to lavish too much on explanations either.

The most notable changes consist of, those who were already users, would have access only to mail through their client web. On the contrary, paying or not for a service is not the problem, the issue comes in the following lines…

Your login page unfortunately runs ECMAScript (JavaScript) Not free from Google (the recaptcha API, freakspot tells in detail about this API), that is the real problem since users would undoubtedly be at the mercy of possible cyber espionage and it goes against the philosophy of Free Software.

Service replacements with Free Software

  • Posteo, payment 1 EUR per month,
  • Riseup, requires an invitation, and donations for its operation, and
  • Other services that respect freedom.

For the bad treatment received and the little professionalism of OpenMailBox, I can only say: it has been a pleasure, but goodbye!

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